SQL Journey

SQL Journey

My love for RDBMS, Relational DB Management Systems, is evergreen.

Eric Weber's Guide

Eric Weber often shares his favorite SQL learning resources at linkedIn and I have an article on him here. Notes on Eric Weber at MDMDM


10 places to start your SQL journey, today:

  1. Zachary Thomas' SQL Questions lnkd.in/g-JJzuD
  2. Select * SQL: selectstarsql.com
  3. Leetcode: lnkd.in/g3c5JGC
  4. LinkedIn Learning: lnkd.in/gQXFc4n
  5. Window Functions: lnkd.in/g3RtPCJ
  6. HackerRank: lnkd.in/grv_9sB
  7. W3 Schools: lnkd.in/gJPfrrv
  8. CodeAcademy: lnkd.in/gT5xmpN
  9. SQLZoo: sqlzoo.net
  10. SQL Bolt: sqlbolt.com